Monday, January 26, 2009


last tuesday, i began a small juicing experiment. ..the goal was to eat mostly (if not all) raw, alive foods (vegetables, fruits), and to consume them in juiced form whenever possible. intention is to act as your guinea pig, so to speak, and to provide you with honest feedback on the experience.

i used a juicer, a blender, and an assortment of fruits/vegetables:

* apples
* bananas
* grapefruit
* oranges
* berries
* pineapple
* tomato (the food of scorpios :)
* lemons

* carrots
* spinach
* kale
* cucumber
* celery
* beets

* orange juice
* ginger
* mixed nuts
* peanut butter
* spinach salads (Harris Teeter)
-with olives, onion, peppers, avocado, etc.

* wine (i rationalized that wine is a form of grape juice)
* beer (friday night) -- this was based on my own theory that "your body needs some toxins," plus it was an oddball friday. ..:)

* chicken soup broth, w/ noodles & veggies

* sunday foods (the goal is to indulge, a little, on sundays)
-broccoli & cheese quiche
-salad casserole
-2 small brazilian cheese bread balls
-1 small brazilian bread ball
-1 1/2 cups brazilian coffee
(i was corrupted at silvana & bruce's sunday get-together)

for the next three/four days, the experiment will continue with more juicing.

so far, i feel more energized and feel lighter. it all in my head? ..maybe...

i was never hungry, because you try to "eat" every 2 hours or so(...ish). ..i did not count calories, nor did i count fat grams, etc. ..(why bother?) ..i did yoga almost every day, and jogged/walked 2 or 3 times.

beginning weight was 201 (tuesday), and 195 (saturday) -- but that doesn't mean anything. the past, when my students/clients have lost more than 2 pounds in any one-week period, they were usually setting themselves up to gain it all back, and more.

has it been difficult?, not so far. ..the intention is not to do anything that isn't easy, enjoyable and tasty.

i've talked to more than a few of you about this experiment, and i've promised to provide you with feedback on how it is going.

today will be "day 1" or what i'll call "serious juicing." major rules, but the intention is to consume more natural, organic juices.

stay tuned!



  1. Lenny Baby!!!!!! You're so juicy already and now a juice fast?????
    When in doubt, ALWAYS include the Brazilian coffee! No really, I have a Champion Juicer myself and don't use it near often enough. My problem was the pulp. What do you with the pulp?????? I couldn't "waste" it so I decided it was my duty to bake some dense bread with whatever pulp I came up with. It's fun getting creative with ingredients from spices, to molasses, whey protein powder, seeds and nuts, flax seed meal, maybe some oat bran, let the moment move you to what you put together!!
    Another tip, "The Juicing Bible" by Pat Crocker and Susan Eagles,published by Robert Rose, is a great and fun reference book. Lots of recipes and information for a happy and healthy juicy life!! Love ya, Linda

  2. Hi, Linda!

    I had the same "pulp issues." :)

    Soups are a possibility, but my local juice experts say that the pulp is good for compost.

    Pulp-bread? Yum???

    The learning curve may be a long one, but it's gonna' be fun! Please keep the tips flowing.