Tuesday, January 27, 2009

juice: day 3 (of 3)

i guess it can't be called pure "juicing," since i'm eating (fruit, veggie snacks, salads) whenever i feel the need.

maybe, at some point, a juice fast will be fun to try, but at present, the goal is to take a wellness approach to integrating "juice" into a healthy lifestyle.

sidenote: when you write down every, single thing that you eat (on your worldwide blog), you think very seriously about what you'll be putting into your mouth. .. :)

it really keeps you honest.

january 28, 2009:

  • water
  • green tea
  • smoothie (left over from last night)
  • small spinach salad
yoga (deep stretch)

  • rice & vegetable soup (left over from yesterday)
  • smoothie (with over 20 oz in the fridge for tomorrow)
  • 16 oz water
yoga (level 2 & 3)
  • sprout salad (w/kale, spinach, tomato) -- the lite caesar salad dressing was probably the worst thing that i've put in my body for 3 days (and 7 out of 8 days).
so... how do i feel? good! (but i felt good before, so what does that mean?)

well, the first thing is that "eating raw, alive food" is not a quick-fix, or a gimmick, or a starvation experience. ..it is a change in eating behavior.

is it sustainable? ..every individual will probably experience an increase in raw food intake in his/her own way. ..the key to sustainability would probably be a slow infusion, coupled with positive experiences (e.g. good taste, easy clean-up, low cost, low maintenance, etc.).

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