Friday, January 9, 2009

is tim tebow superman???


it doesn't matter if you are a gator fan or not...
...there's something special about tim tebow.

florida 24, oklahoma 14 (and this oklahoma team was FANTASTIC). even seminole fans must admit the obvious: "it's great, to be, a florida gator" (blah, blah, blah).

...yet, there is still something about florida state university that makes one happy to be a 'nole.

above: the world famous seminole cowgirls. ..go 'noles!

below: flashback to cpt. bob, hangin' with the garnet & gold sparkly guys. ..scary!

. below: flashback to kristin & lenny, getting an autograph from f.s.u. head coach bobby bowden.

below (flashback): a gift-exchange gift (seminole dream catcher) from steve martineau to moi.

florida state, florida state, florida state, whooooooooo!!!.


  1. I might be defeated...yet not deflated. We played a good game & so did the gators...I'll take #2 in the nation...Go Sooners! ;-)


  2. Everyone (else) forgets that the #2 team in the nation is better than 162 other teams that would have LOVED to play for the National Title.

    Oklahoma is fantastic program, with a great coach and a great team. In fact, one could argue that they outplayed the Gates for most of the game.

    Tebow simply willed his team to a win.

    The rest of us would LOVE to be #2. Go Sooners!

    In Truth, #1 means "being able to accept the tough times along with the good times."

    In the final analysis, what a bunch of 19 year-old kids do on a playing field (for 60 minutes) is minimal -- compared to the ripple-effect of one, positive-minded person, touching the lives of others for a lifetime... and beyond!

    As a massage therapist and a mom, you, Cat, are #1!



  3. I agree w/ you that it's just a bunch of college kids throwing around a pigskin...& believe me, I didn't shed a tear ;-)

    Thank you for your cheer for me being a mom & massage therapist. Each one is a caregiving role that I'm very thankful for fulfilling. And each fill me w/ love & give me learning experiences of a lifetime. It's always an honor to be acknowledged by you, Lenman!

    Thank you,