Friday, January 9, 2009

happy birthday, willy!

happy birthday, willy!!

pictures from 2006-ish...


  1. WELL (now that can be a deep subject) thanks Brother from down south! It's been another great revolution around the sun. Yesterday, Abby surprised me with having her entire class sing me "Happy Birthday". Kelly and Ab made me all sorts of cards and notes stating what I mean to them. Judy and the girls took me out to the Outback for a meal and brew. It's a Great Life I have!
    Aloha for now - Remember Gasparilla is February 7th Willy

  2. A Willy birthday story:

    When Willy turned 40, his brother (Huey) presented him with a coffee cup that Huey got on HIS 40th birthday.

    Along with the cup, Huey attached a great note (about coffee, growing older & wiser, etc.).

    When I turned 40, Willy presented the cup to me (with HIS thoughts, attached to HUEY's note).

    When my brother (Joe) turned 40, I presented the coffee cup to HIM, complete with my note attached to Willy's... attached to Huey's.

    Joe carried on the tradition, presenting the cup (with words of wisdom) to my brother John, and John (just a month ago) passed it on to my brother Steve -- with ALL of the notes attached.

    Steve now has the torch... ...and we hope that he has many a meaningful cup of java before HE passes it along.

    Special thanks to Huey Williams, who began this little/GREAT tradition... and thank YOU, Willy, for allowing my family to experience the ripple-effect.