Saturday, January 17, 2009

flashback: willy n' lenny join the army

1978: mike williams ("willy") and yours truly travel from the university of rhode island to ft. bragg, n.c. for army r.o.t.c. advanced camp.

below: a photo after our initial haircuts (...haircuts that we thought were very, very short, at the time).

do these guys look like they are prepared to march, fire weapons, shine boots and act as platoon leaders? ..plan an ambush, maybe... but read topographical maps????

* hey judy, what do you think about your hubby at age 20-ish?



  1. Wow! I am one lucky lady. If I could only bring back the clock for one night of sweet young stuff.

  2. wow - definately some handsome young men - who knew they'd age so well - and Judy - he may not be young but he's still sweet!

  3. Hi, Judy & Jean!
    You should have seen us at rugby parties!