Tuesday, January 13, 2009

changes (2009)

warning! (mature? content)

www.wellnesseducation.us has finished uploading the "poem of the day" engine for january.

when you visit www.wellnesseducation.us, then click on "poem of the day," then click on january, you'll have the option to access a variety of thoetry, with at least one thoem for each day of the month.

most of it is, shall we say, deeeeeeeeep. ..some of it is on the lighter side. ..some of it has "mature" content. ..some of it, uuuh... well... we don't know what the hell it means.

sample titles:

* piece is Whole

* i mind, be-cause I, Mind

* nuts

* sad

* working 10-hour days in order to get promoted to 12-hour days is just plain stupid!

* dance of war

* nebularic nightmare

* real estate is fake

* when Christmas tree comes down

* zero x zero = something

* car(ma) wash

* love muscle

* the other end of 1

* how could "All" have a gender?

* A Course In Miracles (short version)

* let's go to bed at two



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