Saturday, December 20, 2008


by b. lame

snake bites johnny (poison)
johnny wants revenge
thus begins a cycle, that might never, ever end


* in the thoem (above) the “snakebite” represents any negative experience, from curse-words to terrorist attacks.

* “johnny” (of course) is the person who interprets the experience.

* “poison” represents the subsequent feelings that are experienced by johnny. johnny reflects negatively on the snakebite, the poison circulates in his veins.

* according to (loosely interpreted) chakra theory... if johnny thinks negative thoughts, the poison goes to his head. ..if he speaks negative words, the poison coagulates at the mouth and throat. ..if johnny feels vengeful and/or fear-full, the poison tightens and closes his heart. ...if he experiences anger or seeks security, the poison is felt in the gut and solar-plexus. ...if it’s sensation & power that johnny wants, or if he experiences guilt, johnny (literally) sends poison to the lower-abdomen/genital area. ...if johnny experiences resentment & ridgidity, the poison flows to his root (perineum, legs, feet).

* all the while, as johnny seeks revenge, he fails to re-cognize that his lack of forgiveness creates an internal, personal hell.
. is important to note, here, that the snake may (or may not) be poisonous.
.........................the poison (blame, anger, criticism, judgment, etc.) is inside of johnny.
* the quickest, most effective method for Healing a snakebite is (of Course) to See yourself as the snake.
..........-snakes react (and bite) out of self-defense.
..........-snakes can be terror-torial.
..........-snakes, like johnny, are intent on survival.

* johnny doesn’t have to "forget" that snakes can bite. ...johnny doesn’t have to become a snake. ,,,in order for johnny to rid himself of the poison, however, he needs to For-Give the snake a break.

* johnny can seek to understand why snakes bite. he can relate to times when he, himself, has acted in such a way that others may have felt “bitten.”

* For-Give-ness is a self-purging process, for the person who feels “wronged.” ...our “wronged-ness” usually stems from a personal re-flection of guilt, shame and regret.

* For-Give-ness Heals.
* eventually, Forgiveness becomes a moot point (if we can give-up blaming, shaming, judging, criticizing, condemning, etc.).

quote: “no one ever died from a snakebite. we die from the poison that circulates through our veins.”
-wayne dyer
(2008) book 64: thanks for every thing. copyright 2008 by

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