Saturday, December 13, 2008

prequel: ferry, keys, and dry tortugas

don't you want to warm-up after Christmas?

imagine driving down to fort meyers, florida (from tampa) on december 26th. you'll jump on the fast ferry to the florida keys, and arrive in key west at noon. you've packed lightly, and your small backpack is all that you need (besides the bike that you'll be riding for 3 days). you settle into your inexpensive room at the u.s. navy "high rise," and it's off to the likes of blue heaven, sloppy joe's, and mallory square (for sunset).

over the next 2-3 days, you're scheduled for:

* deep sea fishing
* boating to (and snorkeling at) the dry tortugas
* more of blue heaven, sloppy joes, and mallory square

love-22 is a rhode island legend who happens to perform at mallory square on a daily basis. did you know that (according to love) everything in your life adds up to 22?

even the ferry back to ft. meyers will likely be an adventure.

right now, the crew includes jim casey, mike (willy) williams, your's truly and (maybe) pete lawrence. no gals will be making the trip this year, so the four amigos will have to fend for themselves.

this post-Christmas tradition began several years ago, when willy's wife (judy) told him that he needed some guy-buddy time away, so we went to key largo to fish. it may have also been an excuse to live in alignment with jimmy buffett, who said: "i wanna go where it's warm."

anyway... since the first adventure, this annual trip has has taken-on many forms. we've also begun a scalloping tradition in steinhatchee, florida (july timeframe).

stay tuned, as the adventure unfolds, right here before your eyes.


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