Monday, December 1, 2008

ghosts of gift exchanges past

here are some older gift exchange pictures from prior to 2008. ..please e-mail me more great photos at

as you can see, the hot-seat has gone through several transitional periods. it global warming, or was 2008 a very hot year??


below: joe (2006)

below: ashley & brian
below: danny

below: jason
below: eric

below: jerry
below: steve & precy (1990-ish)

below: julia
below: kevin

below: joe & cat

below: jessica

left: donna

below: rosalie

below: larry

below: patty & john

below: buddy & cheryl

below: mom (aka "josephine!")

...........................below: dad (aka "albert")

below: "true mania"

left: the aftermath

if you missed the november posts on the gift exchange, simply go back to the blog, click on the arrow next to "november," and all of the november posts will show up, for your browsing pleasure.

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