Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at the williams'

Christmas at the williams' consists of:

* last-minute shopping (with willy) on Christmas eve day.
* working on the "g-willy's hidden treasures" boat bar (on the porch)
* Christmas eve mass
* Christmas eve post-mass party
* kids can open (just one) gift, then off to bed
* santa's arrival (while everyone is asleep)
* early morning wake-up and gift opening
* good morning champagne with grandma and grandpa

below, you'll find both kelly and abby's notes to santa. each case, santa took the time to write a quick note back to the girls. got no note, but she did get dog bones and a gingerbread treat.

kelly's note, to santa:

dear santa,

this is a poem i wrote for you:

santa, so chubby and round
weighs more than a pound
but so very kind and nice
when his elfs make toys that sound like mice
when mrs. claus makes coccoa
all the elfs go loco
when mrs. knits
santa loves to get new mits

hope you have a good Christmas,

ps: i gave you grandma's "ho, ho, ho-made cookies. ...yummm! ...and reindeer food on the lawn.

...........santa's reply to kelly:

dear kelly,

what a lovely poem - just like the poet! ..thank you for the cookies. ..tell grandma that her cookies are actually better then the ones made by mrs. claus (but i'd better keep that a secret). ... donner was really going after the reindeer food! ...thanks again, and keep believing!


abby's note to santa:

dear santa,

i hope i was good! ...i hope a lot of things. ...i hope people that need help at something have a merry Christmas! and a happy new year. OF COURSE I HOPE U DO, TOO!


from your friend,

......................................santa's response to abby:

dear abby,

you were very good this year! i hope you enjoy the gifts this year. remember the greatest gift can be... GIVING!

keep believing,


below: willy n' judy on Christmas morning


  1. Wow what a good looking family.

  2. Good looks, intelligence, fun, Love...

    What else could a family ever want?