Sunday, November 9, 2008

walking meditation (with instructions :)

walking meditation [1]
by Connie Nection

bare of feet, and

smell of sweet, Complete (Appreciation)
heart rate slow (NowHere to go), with
walking meditation

* In-structions: take off y/our shoes, and...
    1. focus on the breath (slower, deeper, quieter)…
    2. slooowly walk on a piece of nature (grass, sand, etc.),
    3. feel as much as wIe can feel,
    4. listen to as much as wIe can pereieve,
    5. smell as much as y/our olfactory senses can handle,
    6. taste it, and…
    7. become One, with the Earth.
whooooa, now… that last line probably got all of you non “touchy-feely” types to think: “uh, oh… dude has gone off of the deeeeeeep, deep end…..........again.” ..(but please hear me out):

scientifically speaking, our cardio-respiratory system allows us to live, by exchanging Unseen gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) in an ongoing respiratory process that appears to occur within the human body.

simultaneously, our exhaled carbon dioxide is inhaled by extensions of the earth (plants), and these earthly extensions then exhale oxygen, completing a respiratory exchange between Mother Earth and Her children (uh… us ...animals).

we (right Now) are, in effect, breathing Mother Earth as She breathes us.’s almost like a child, in the womb. ..wIe are One with the Earth. ..(sorry, but there’s just no way around that One). 

we (of Course) could take this concept outward and upward (One more level), to the Uni-Verse, but now is probably not the time for Deeeeeep theology (or Is It?).

begin the walking meditation practice sessions with eyes closed. ..eventually, we’ll want to practice with open eyes, so that we can integrate this type of mind-full meditation into your every-day, every-moment life. ..the benefits of meditation can reach far beyond those short moments when we are sitting on a mat or staring at some silly candle. ..the whole idea is Increased Awareness, unrestricted by times when we “sit down” to meditate.

martineau, l. (11-10.1-2008). book 64: thanks for every thing. © 2008 by inspired by a walking meditation, down by lake wikatipu, queenstown, new zealand.

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