Saturday, November 8, 2008

pub crawl

one of the magic bus tour traditions is to engage in what is referred to as a "pub crawl" with your fellow hostel-ers.
the idea is that you visit, as a group, several pubs. are fitted with a wristband that identifies you as a pub crawler, and there are free drinks, drink specials, etc.
the unwritten idea is that, if you make it the whole way, you probably have to crawl home.
i made it most of the way.
at some point (see the picture, below), i was unofficially anointed as the magicbus "big brother," since none of the other "over 40" travelers (and there are many) could muster up the energy to come out and play.

left to right: rachel, nicki, zoe, heidi, ursina, geena?, and henry at the buffalo club, queenstown, n.z.

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