Saturday, November 1, 2008


just a quick reflection of gratitude...
i'm soooooo lucky to have the friends & family that (literally) are YOU!
we're soooooooo lucky, being free (to vote, to drive, to breathe...).
i wish that all of you beach-lovers & nature-lovers were here right now.

ps: happy halloween!


  1. Willy, Judy, Kelly and AbbyNovember 1, 2008 at 7:08 PM

    Here is a little insight on what is going on in the states without you:

    1. Halloween was awesome!
    Willy dressed as a pirate and took the girls around (1/2 angel 1/2 devil and monster bride) while I drank beer with the neighbors and handed out trick or treat candy (someone had to).

    2.It is taking up to 2 hours to stand in line to vote for early voting, but well worth it.

    3.The economy has us staying at home on the weekends and watching movies with the girls but loving it.

    4.Glad you're having fun in Australia but looking forward to hearing about it first hand. Take care of yourself.

    5. I used the numbering system just for you because I know how much you love that stuff.

  2. Enjoy! Went to Scott's wedding tonight (Larry and Connie's son). Felt like I was watching my own kid get married. Had a great time.

    Love ya,

  3. Hi, Judy (& Co.) and Jean!
    1. Who was the monster bride?
    2. Is this election going to be historic, or what?
    3. The economy will have us all eating less, also.
    4. Numbering system? I'm not sure what you mean?
    5. Wish I could have been with you guys at that wedding. Larry must have been a hoot!

    Love all around,