Sunday, November 30, 2008

gift exchange highlights

the 2008 gift exchange began with the usual, a pot-luck buffet.

james & brian martineau (with major assistance from ashley, peter, and others) created a fantastic hot seat ceremony that consisted of:

* a video introduction, set to the theme of "raiders of the lost ark" [uh, hot-seat], "starring harrison ford as albert martineau,"

* a procession of the lost hot-seat, after being re-covered,

* the "warming-up" of the hot-seat, and much, much more.


below: gift exchange pictures, for historical purposes. ..i'll try to add more as they come in:
above: the kids escort brian, who is sitting on the (formerly) lost hot-seat (2008).

special note: "the chicken" was resurrected in 2008, and brian is pictured wearing it on his head during the procession.'ll see the chicken a few more times, later in this post, as various family members receive gifts.

below: the hot-seat, being warmed-up (2008)

below: james helps us to see the light

below: the pre-adults open gifts (note that the wrapping paper becomes part of the stage)

below: nick "graduates" into "adult-dumb" (which means that now he's part of the adult gift-making group). ..nick's gift was made by buddy.
below: stacy in the hot-seat (2008)

below: cheryl creates a mirror-effect
(gift engraved by james)
below: buddy, assisted by eric (drawing by john)
below: james gets blanketed (from jen)

below: ashley in the hot-seat

below: brian, kissing an art-festival frog (by tom)

below: jen, with a hand-carved bowl, etc.
(from cheryl)

below: rob, with a drawing of madison (by clare)
below: mike, with a hand-carved chess-set (by brian)

below: janet -- who made jerry "bow" to her -- as he presented a wood-burnt keepsake case that spells "janet" (forwards & backwards, upside-down & rightside-up).

below: john, with a drawing of his hand -- in the act of drawing his own logo
(by lenny)
below: lenny, with a wood burning of the book title "hidden treasures"
(by nick dunn)
below: tom, with a n.y. yankees clock
(by mike dunn)

below: clare, with a family photo album
(by mom)
below: gifts on display

below: pre/post gift exchange frenzy


  1. ohhhh. i get it now. you and your puns.

  2. Thanks, James!

    It's been wild, trying to piece it all together! Let me know if there are any other typos :)

    Yeah, we've been calling it (the adults exchanging with adults) "adult-dumb" in a loving, punny way.


    Rumor has it that Jessica and Danny are ready to join the adult ranks next year!!


  3. A Quick Note:

    This year marked the 20th Anniversary of the Gift Exchange!

    xoxoxo, cd

  4. 20 years of Gift Exchange memories!!
    It is hard to believe how quickly those years have flown by, and the number of laughs that we've had along the way!!