Thursday, November 20, 2008

forgive & forget (a thoem)

caution: this is a long, complicated post. ..avoid (if you can).

forgive & forget

by judge mental

forgive and forget
born on winter's night
special twins (fraternal), one is left (the other, right)
different (Completely, Now), but it ain’t over yet
you & me (re-Member) We, are
for-give & for-get


  • Now... (during a hawiian, rainbow-filled “aha moment”)… i Get It.
  • the “forget” part of “forgive & forgetdoesn’t mean that we erase a bad experience from our memory banks. does not mean that, if we get mugged at 3 a.m. in a dark alley, we forget that dark alleys are dangerous at 3 a.m.
  • “forget” means “for-get” (as in For-Getting It).
  • when we For Get It, we understand why a person might have done what s/he did, back then. ..we re-Cognize that each of us comes to earth equipped with the potential to commit physical and mental atrocities.
  • (One)ce we Really “Get It,” forgiveness itself become a moot point, Be-Cause we no longer blame anyone for anything.
  • Freedom from blame (which is a state of Nonjudgment) re-Leases us from a hellacious existence.
  • Freedom from hell = Heaven.


thoem analysis:

* lines 1 & 2: “forgive & forget” (apparent opposites) are born (a good thing) on a cold winter’s night (a bad thing). ..both the “good” and the “bad” are judgments.

* line 3:special” (according to A Course In Miracles) refers to the ego’s desire for differences and separation. ..while “twins” are the same, “fraternal” signifies “different, but joined.” ...huh?

left & rightappear to be opposites, while one is a direction and the other… “correct.”

* line 4: the phrase “different (Completely)” refers to that which appears to be oppositical, while, at a Higher Level, actually Being the Same (e.g. sunrise/sunset = Sun).

the word “Now” is Capitalized, referring to the Eternal Now Moment, while “it ain’t over yet” refers to the finite dance of duality (e.g. the illusion of space and time, here).

* line 5:you & me” are joined (lower-case, referring to “us” human beings). ..We” refers to the collective “US,” which is All-Ways One.

re-Member” (with a Capital “M”) means “to become a Member, again.” “re-Member” is akin to the prodigal son, re-Turning (in the biblical story, the prodigal son appeared to be separate, but was never Really Separated from his Family).

* line 6: the final line of the thoem uses a hyphenation to hint that for-give & for-get aren’t people, but rather the process of understanding. ..the understanding is that every thing is the Same, even though it man-i-fests as “different.” under-stand is "to stand under," or "to bow," or "to acquiese."

re-Cycle, Complete.


1.the title uses a plus sign “&,” while the actual thoem uses both “&” and “and” to join the words “forgive” and “forget.” ..there was no reason for this, except to throw you off track and/or to get us thinking.

2. the “by” line re-introduces “judge mental” as the author of the thoem. ..judge mental has authored some of joal martino’s thoems in the past. ..judge mental (ego) is "he who judges." ..judge mental is insane. ..when we judge, it's temporary insanity.

so... the idea is that "ego" is Really a part of (not apart from) the Oneness that permeates All things.

3. the yin/yang cue ball (photo) symbolizes the Unity and Wholeness of apparent opposites. ..for example, the yankees and red sox need each other to appear as different, in order to have a really good rivalry and some very intriguing Complete Games.

re-Cycle, Complete, II.

-the end?

martineau, l. (11-20.1-2008). book 64: thanks for every thing. © 2008 by

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