Sunday, November 23, 2008

E = mc (squared)

E = mc² [1]

by r. e. lativity

E= mc (squared)
space/time = E
No-thing = every thing (let's dance and sing) you/me

* energy = matter = every thing = No-thing = All = One

* when E = "energy," when m = "mass," and when c = "the speed of light," things that appear to be different are merely different forms of the Same (Non)stuff.

* albert einstein was simply chasing that which is impossible to catch: Relativity (with a Capital R)... I’relative of differences.

* It. Is.
All. the Same, and...

* It's All G


sorry, but this is what happens when you are locked in a room on a rainy saturday in hawaii.

[1] martineau, l. (11-22.2-2008). book 64: thanks for every thing. © 2008 by graphic from microsoft clipart.


  1. Excellent Photo!!!

    Did you visit outer space between your trips to Fiji and Hawaii????

    xoxoxo, me

  2. :)
    actually, it was more like "Inner Space."

    Clare, did you get to read "Apple, Tree, Fall, BOOM!"???

    Your picture (plus Jerry, Mike, Janet, Nick, Julia, Mom, Dad) is at the back end.

    Home in a few days, & can't wait to hug y'all,


  3. Yes, LOVED IT!!!!!

    Great job, as always...
    Love you! See you T-Day!
    xoxoxo, me