Wednesday, September 24, 2008

is it possible that the earth's method of planetary homeostasis is called nature?

is it possible that (mother) earth is a "body," and that we (humans) are a virus?

when you travel, you notice that human beings tend to leave a mess, wherever we go. the amount of litter on beaches, streets and parks (whether it's thailand, brazil, korea, cancun, cozumel, jamaica, haiti, rhode island, etc.) is startling.

current events show that we're also trashing ourselves (economically speaking).

what are we doing to ourselves, on a physical level, via consumption?

if there is a planetary cancer, what would you advise mother earth do about the vir-us?

on a more positive note, isn't there a such thing as "spontaneous remission," and isn't it possible for us to change the course of dis-ease?

could YOU be one of the planetary helper-cells that help facilitate earthly wellness?

if each of us picked up one piece of litter per day, we'd clean our planet of more than 10-trillion pieces of litter in less than a month.


  1. Lenny,
    I am trying to keep up with you. Your blog is hard to read with the dark blue background and the black text. Please try a different color combination. Your bro, Jim

  2. Lenny, Go diving! Just be cautious on the dive organization/equiptment you select. Test it out on dry land firstand talk to someone that recently dove with them. "It's a chance in a lifetime". Judy's envious of you as she read your exploits this morning before she had to go to work! Aloha, Willy

  3. Jim!

    The page should come across with a light gray background.

    I don't know why you're getting dark blue.

    I'm getting a nice, light gray.

    Please try again, I haven't heard of anyone else having this problem.

    Your bro,

  4. Willy!

    I went on the dive adventure. The pics and stories will be updated in the blog today, since I've been away from internet possibilities for 4 days.

    The island on Nangyuan is remote, and didn't have an internet cafe'.

    8 dives in 4 days, bro. Sharks, barracuda, grouper, coral like you've never seen, etc.

    I'll blog about it today!