Wednesday, September 24, 2008

thai massage gone wild

after yesterday' s boat excursion, i went for a walk down bo phut beach, and decided to get my daily thai massage. ..the sun was setting, and i was booked-in for the last beachside massage of the day.

after fielding the usual questions:

therapist: "were you from?"
me: "u.s.a."

therapist: "you by yourself?"
me: "yes."

therapist: "you have girlfriend?"
me: "no, khap kun ka." (translation: "no, thank you.")

anywaaaaaaaay... she asked me "what i do," and, i said that i was a massage teacher, here for thai massage training.

before i knew it, it was "let's massage lenny time," as the other therapists decided to show what they'd learned at school.

the rest is thai massage history.

soooooo... thank you to the beachside thai massage therapists:

nuch, aeng, tuk, da, fon, and tip.

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