Saturday, September 20, 2008

no-body is Perfect

no-body is Perfect

no-body is Perfect
no-body (de-Vine)
no-body is any-body (here) in space and time

* here, on the physical plane, we worry a lot about our bodies.

* here, in bangkok, one cannot help but observe the diversity that allows everyone to be exactly who they are, in the present moment.

* instead of cutting ourselves down, is it possible that we can tap into the miracle that is the human body?

* as opposed to criticism, is it possible to see the Perfection that Is... Beyond the space and time of the physical body?

* if we "fall in love" with a body, then our love will be tested... as the body endures its inevitable, chrono-logical changes.

* Love, however, Transcends the physical experience of space and time.

* Love, thank Goodness, finds Perfection in the fact that no-body is Perfect.

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