Tuesday, September 30, 2008

namaste ronald?????

"Namaste" is a term (often used in yoga) that, loosely translated, means:
* "the Divinity in me recognizes the Divinity in you," or
* "the Love in me recognizes the Love in you," or
* "the Oneness in me recognizes the Oneness in you."
...you get the idea.
when you greet someone with "Namaste," you are usually facing them. you bow slightly, in his/her direction, with your hands in the "prayer position."
in thailand, there's a whole lot of bowing going on.

nothing, however, could ever prepare you for this:

what do you think that ronald mcdonald is saying?

* the saturated fat in me recognizes the saturated fat in you?
* the wardrobe-challenged me recognizes the wardrobe challenged you?

* the processed me recognizes the processed you?

* the u.s. in me recognizes the u.s. in you?

* the bad-hair day me recognizes the bad-hair day you?


...and on, and on, and on...

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