Saturday, September 13, 2008



pictures on the wall
pictures in the mind
pictures are a way to measure travel, treasure, time

* on september 12th, we (albert, josephine and i) drove to bristol, ri to visit mom’s sisters (stephie lomastro and kay cavalieri).

* mom brought several photo albums, and the sisters shared memories -- from childhood through present day.

* we did the usual: feast, laugh and trash-talk.

* in life, all we have is the present (which includes present memories of the past).

* it is important to re-member that we are All-Ways painting future pictures…

on the wall, in aunt kay's house, was the (above) picture/poem.

it is entitled “my hero,” by peter cavalieri, and it was weritten in honor of his father, the late frank cavalieri.

you might be able to view the text by double-clicking on the picture to enlarge it, but if not...
...look for the poem in a future blog, entitled "my hero."
it could be the most moving essay that you've ever read in your life.

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