Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mandalay beach resotel

yesterday, it was back to koh samui (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa). since it was only for one night, i decided to hit "chewang beach" where the party-life happens. the photo (below) is of the main drag.

you know that it's americanized when you see the seven-eleven, burger king, mcdonalds, etc.

the clubs had names like "captain kirk's" and "the library" and "charlie's angels." i ventured out to the chewang beach club. they had fireworks, fire shows, etc. (after all, it was a tuesday).
below is the room at the mandalay beach resotel (is it a resort? is it a hotel?).

below is a picture of the walk to the beach.

and below, of course, the beach. it was fairly mellow, actually.

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