Saturday, September 13, 2008

LE-6: adaptability

a “Learning Experience (LE)” blog is more focused on what the blogger is learning, and less on the actual, physical experience. for the purposes of the blog, LE’s will be numbered in the order that they were written (LE1, LE2, and so on).


what if this is pleasantville? [1]

what if this is pleasantville?
what if this is time?
what if this is upside-down? (a reason for a rhyme)

* what if this world is a “black/white world,” relative to the next step in human evolution?

* might there not be a few “growing pains?”

* within the process of explosive, exponential change… one of our most valuable abilities might be “adapt-ability.”

* two of the many, many fantastic lines in the movie “pleasantville,” are:

................1. “it’s a pretty short trip.”

................2. “so, what’s going to happen now?”

* it's a pretty short trip, from here to Here.


[1] martineau, l. (9-13.1-2008). book 64: thanks for every thing. © 2008 by
[2] a line by toby mcguire, near the end of the movie, “pleasantville.”
[3] a line by william h. macy, near the end of the movie, “pleasantville.”

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