Friday, September 12, 2008

LE-5: bad = Good

a “Learning Experience (LE)” blog is more focused on what the blogger is learning, and less on the actual, physical experience. for the purposes of the blog, LE’s will be numbered in the order that they were written (LE1, LE2, and so on).


bad things = G∞d things

bad things = G∞d things
dark turns into Light
expiration (necessary)
wrong reveals Right


* every, single “bad” thing that has ever happened in my life has helped to bring me to Right Here & Right Now.

* the Here & Now is the Perfect place and time to learn exactly that which i’m able to learn.

* deduction: if you are out there, somewhere, and if you think that you’ve ever done anything “bad” to me:

.....1. please know that you have already been For-given, be-cause there is no blame.

.....2. allow me to thank you for the experience that i needed, in order to Be…

………………………………(Right) Here, (Right) Now.

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