Thursday, September 11, 2008

LE-4: a New earth

a “Learning Experience (LE)” blog is more focused on what the blogger is learning, and less on the actual, physical experience. for the purposes of the blog, LE’s will be numbered in the order that they were written (LE1, LE2, and so on).


split min(e)d

One way (then, the other)
seek, but never Find
up then down then smile then frown (a run-around)
split min(e)d


* A Course In Miracles does a great job of describing the human condition:

* Spiritual Be-ings, having a physical experience, we experience an internal split between our True Self (Spirit) and the image of our apparently physical self (our ego).

* sometimes, it feels as if we are bipolar, neurotic (e.g. "split mind").

* following the logical path, we experience the pathological.

* in “a new earth,” eckhardt tolle describes this phenomenon exquisitely, especially when he describes “the pain-body.”

* the GREAT news is that we (earthlings) are in an excellent position to learn about our harmonic balance with nature, Right Now.

* our Collective Consciousness (which, if you are reading this, you are a part of) may only be one "100th-monkey" away from re-Cognizing that we are not our egos.

* are you ready and willing to change the course of humanity?

* just think: your re-Cognition could be the straw that tips the energetic scale in the favor of Harmony.

each of us, with every thought, makes a choice:

.....1. will i favor ego or favor Spirit?

.....2. will i favor fear or favor Love?

we may never Completely heal the split mind (while we are here), but, like john nash in “a beautiful mind,” we can choose what to pay attention to.

...................we’ve seen the results of ego-based thought.

............................maybe the time is Now, to experience a New earth.

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