Monday, September 8, 2008

LE-2: immediate gratification vs. Present-Mindedness

a “Learning Experience (LE)” blog is more focused on what the blogger is learning, and less on the actual, physical experience. for the purposes of the blog, LE’s will be numbered in the order that they were written (LE1, LE2, and so on).



now it’s time to eat
Now it’s time to Grow
Now it’s time to Rise, Awaken
now it’s time to go

Now it’s time to Dance
Now it’s time to Smile
Now it’s time to Look into each others’ eyes, awhile

immediate gratification vs. Present-Mindedness

at first glance, “immediate gratification” and “Present-Mindedness” both possess aspects of living in the Now Moment.

the difference is that:

* immediate gratification acts out of fear (consuming what it can, while it can), under the scarcity-based assumption that there’s not enough to go around. the fear-full ego’s mantra is: “if i don’t get mine now, the opportunity might pass me by.”

* Present-Mindedness trusts that the Uni-Verse is a Perfectly Unfolding flower. Present-Mindedness is the act of Paying Attention to that which is Unfolding. the Present-Minded Lover focuses on the fullness of the kiss without obsessing over the potential, future orgasm.

in the fable about the goose that laid one golden egg per day, the man who seeks immediate gratification impatiently cuts the goose open in order to retrieve the next golden egg. he doesn’t pay attention to the natural rhythms associated with golden opportunities.

instead of killing the goose, a Present-Minded individual might choose to experience the Now Moment with Gratitude.

in the Present, we can feed the goose and nurture the goose. in the Present, we can observe the natural rhythms that allow us to make Conscious, Present decisions that pre-pave a Brighter future.

as we learn that time itself an illusion, we begin to understand that Everything – even future-based planning – takes place in the Present Moment. Now… is the time to plant the seed for that (future) kiss.

a thought: what would a Present, Conscious, delicious kiss feel like?

that sounds like a good topic for a future blog! :)

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