Sunday, September 7, 2008

LE-1: ego = fear

a “Learning Experience (LE)” blog is more focused on what the blogger is learning, and less on the actual, physical experience. for the purposes of the blog, LE’s will be numbered in the order that they were written (LE1, LE2, and so on).

LE-1: ego = fear, and fear’s children are our negative emotions

“ego” can be thought of as the opposite of Love, the absence of Love, or the separation from Love. ego, then, is an illusion (of sorts) from the standpoint that Love = All = Spirit.

ego, then, can be thought of as a “false sense of separation.”

ego/fear/separation manifests as “children” (or negative emotions): anxiety, anger, jealousy, criticism, judgment, shame, blame, regret, worry, and so on. these negative emotions are signals that there is a part of oneself that is “attached” to the physical, relative plane of existence.

in a relative world (e.g. the physical universe), this phenomenon could be symbolized by a linear continuum, as follows:

............painful <<<<>>>> pleasant
.......i’m material <<<>>>> immaterial
fear <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>> Love
.......physical/scene <> Spiritual/Unseen
...................dark <<<>>> Light

in our relative world, we experience the phenomenon of sunrise and sunset. the larger picture reveals that the sun does not "rise," nor does it "set." the sun is always light.

in our relative world, we experience the drama -- as actors in our own play.

in a relative world, “good/bad” and “left/right” make sense.

A Holistic View

from a Whole-istic Perspective, the relative/oppositical world would be the illusion, and Absolute Oneness could be symbolized by a Whole Sphere. the continuum of experiences lies within the All-ness, which we'll call "Love."

Holistically, Love Is. Love expresses It-Self (relatively speaking) as the apparently dual, apparently physical Universe.

from a Whole Perspective, the experience of good/bad, left/right, sunrise/sunset fade away into Absolute experiences (e.g. G∞d, Right, Sun, and Son).

from a Whole Perspective, “Love Is All” and “It’s All G∞d” make sense…

the Spiritual world transcends the physical senses. it’s difficult to make sense of Spirit, and it is even harder to describe it by using words. maybe the best that we can do, here, is to describe “pointers” toward Spirit.

Spiritual experiences are “out of this world,” and transcend negativity. that’s a point in a G∞d direction.

tentative deduction:

when we experience any negative emotion (here), we can understand that our false-sense of self (ego, mini-me, etc.) has gotten lost in his own, personal Play. we can use negative feelings as signals, prompting us to “shift” our perspective from “the observed” to “the Observer.”

in this way, we can allow our own Play to unfold, Knowing that the drama isn’t really Real.


life can be a living hell -- or a slice of Heaven, based upon our Perspective of it. once we re-Cognize that “getting lost in the drama” is part of the Play, we can take our-selves less seriously. we can still co-create our own dramas, here, and (at the Same time) Transcend our finite, dualistic experience.

this is not to say that we won’t experience fear, here. rather, we’ll be more able to laugh in the face of fear, Knowing that our physical world is the stage… our physical experience is the act… while (In Reality) we are soooooooo much more than our earth-bound experience.

by quieting the mind, we can get a glimpse of the G∞d that encompasses the bad/good. we can experience the Peace that Transcends the piece. we can tap into the Universal Love that engulfs our relative, dualistic, fear/love drama.

maybe (if only for a moment), we can Under-stand the saying that “there is no-thing to fear, but fear it-self.”

-the beginning.



* G∞d = All, Wholeness, Love, Oneness, Peace, Joy, Source, etc.

* “i” = small-i, mini-me, ego: the illusion of a “movement away” from G∞d.

* Love-ing: Love, in Act-i-on. the act of Love. the Big Play.

* “make sense” = the idea that Source Creates the physical experience (e.g. the Unseen makes the scene). to “man-i-fest.”

* man-i-fest = man, at the feast. this is our physical experience, here.

* no-thing = non-thing = Nothing = Spirit

* Play = the Love-ing man-i-fest-ation of G∞d.

* re-Cognize = to Know, again. to re-Member. To re-Unite.

* Son = the created. the Love-ing expression of G∞d.

note: there’s no way to be sure of what all this means, yet… so let’s think of it as a process.

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