Thursday, September 25, 2008

good morning, yoga

koh samui, thailand

picture this:

you wake up tomorrow at 6 am, and stumble out of bed to the sound of nothing (okay, maybe a rooster crowing and a stray dog barking... but you get the idea).

a few steps take you down to the water.

you've got a private yoga/meditation area (actually, this is the massage area, but i modify it when i'm the only one in town who is awake).

you sit.

you breeeeeeeeeeeathe.


(the cool thing is, we all can experience this, anytime, any day -- in the mind)

at this point, i have to thank mohit and the yoga family at sangrock yoga in charlotte (see the blog entitled "sangrock yoga" in august, 2008) for their yogic inspiration.

mohit, please e-mail me a couple of pictures to upload to the sangrock blog-post.


  1. Willy, Judy, Kelly, Abby, Sydney, TikiSeptember 25, 2008 at 8:43 PM

    Rough life, Lenny. Don't forget about your friends in the states slaving away and living vicariously through you. Therefore you must know that a few days without adventures from Lenny is really not acceptable especially when you are doing something as dangerous as diving in Thailand. Keep us inform, and be safe we worry. Willy, Judy, Kelly,Abby, Sydney, and Tiki.

  2. Please hold the US together.
    I'm blogging every chance that I get, but my laptop is down and I have to wait until I get to an internet cafe, so the blogs may be a day or so behind.
    I'm safe in Cambodia, for the moment.