Thursday, September 25, 2008

excursion to angthong national park

another day, another speedboat trip to the islands that surround koh samui.

this excursion was to angthong national park, which is famous for its numerous, uninhabited islands that seem to explode out of the powder-blue water.

first stop: snorkeling (although the visibility wasn't great, the coral was awesome).

second stop: sea kayaking (below is the launch area)

third stop: lunch in the park (monkees, food, beach, etc.)

forth stop: hiking up to the caves

this was a trip. if this hike were in the u.s.a., there would be lawyers waiting at the end to cash-in.

no waivers, no "signing your life away," just climb and pray!

as you can see (from the sweat), it was a workout!

fifth stop: the green lagoon

as you can see, the lagoon is green. it's a salt lake.

we threw bread to the fish, and watched barracuda eat those bread-fed fish. the woman in the picture is judie, from france. she and i were paired-up as sea-kayak partners.

sixth stop: lookout point

just a glimpse of the view, but pictures could never do it justice.

tomorrow, the trip will take a decidedly "dive-oriented turn." i've decided (yes, willy) to spend a few days at koh nang yuan, to dive by day, and catch up on some reading by night.

once there, i might not have access to the internet for several days, but i'll do my best to keep y'all up-to-date.

if you aren't doing anything, zip on over to koh nang yuan (see the blog entitled "koh nang yuan"). you can catch a fast-ferry from koh samui for less than $5.00! the accomodations are covered in my dive package. as they say in australia, "no worries." :)


  1. Hey, Bro!

    Just wanted you to know that I am thoroughly enjoying your trip!!! The photos are excellent, and your commentary is pure Lenny.

    BTW...JD never noticed the lagoon...

    xoxoxo, me

  2. Hi, Clare!

    Thanks for leaving a comment. It helps me to feel connected.
    ...and I'm glad that Jerry is enjoying the blog!