Saturday, September 13, 2008

dear mr. obama

This letter is a response to a video entitled “dear mr. obama,” which was attached to an e-mail entitled “well worth the watch.” I just had to let this out, and I don’t know if anyone will ever read it, but that’s okay.


Dear John,

This letter is written in regard to the e-mail and video (“dear mr. obama”

It is not a mistake for people to help others. It is not a mistake to pursue freedom.

The "mistake," however, on a larger level, is the idea that violence and war are ways to re-solve problems. Violence and war are short-term, ego-based fixes to a problem that is much bigger than "us" vs. "terror."

The issue that our global community faces is one of planetary survival, and the only way out of a "we" vs. "they" mentality is through a "We" mindset.

If humanity chooses violence, destruction and war over communication, understanding, cooperation and Oneness, then we will continue to experience that which we've experienced since our inception.

As a former-military man, I respect every soldier who makes any sacrifice, for the increased well-being of others.

Unfortunately, violence will All-ways beget increased violence, and problems cannot be solved at the level in which they were created. War (and the promotion of violence & killing -- even in the name of freedom), is never the pathway to prolonged Peace. Has it ever worked, yet?

Human beings are either going to...

.......(a) learn how to live as One, or
.......(b) experience more and more of that which we see on the news every day.

"We are separate from them" makes for good drama, but in the end, it only perpetuates the cycle.

Ego loves to perpetuate separation & differences. Examples:

* Obama vs. McCain
* Republican vs. Democrat
* freedom-fighter vs. terrorist
* right vs. wrong

Unfortunately, favoring any of the above is a matter of opinion or perspective.

When a bomb kills an innocent child, do you think that his mother thinks that "it's okay, because the bomb was launched by a freedom-fighter"?

Her child is dead because of the fighting.

The only road to True Peace is to stop fighting. I don't know if Obama can stop it, if McCain can stop it, or if humanity itself is intelligent enough to stop it. In the end, it might be up to individuals to See Beyond each others' differences in order to experience the global Unity necessary to perpetuate True Peace and True Freedom.

If humans fail to wake up, we'll continue to experience more of the same (killing, pollution, dis-ease, famine, pain, etc.).

From a larger perspective, nature might be better off without us.

The question of the day is not "How can we win?" but rather...

"How can we begin to live in Harmony with others, with nature, and without the perpetuation of ego, wrapped-up in a package that says 'united' on the outside, yet promotes more and more and more separation?"

If we are "united against," then we are not moving toward global Unity. If we aren't moving toward global Harmony, then we can expect to experience more and more and more of "dis."

Your buddy,

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