Tuesday, September 23, 2008

better than six flags

the wildest ride in the world... better than the wildest roller-coaster at six flags... ...is driving in thailand.

here's the way it went down:

the car that they delivered to me was a standard shift, which means that i would have had to shift with my left while driving on the left, while sitting on the right, while navigating with a brochure map. ..my conservative USAA insurance friends will be happy to hear that i did not attempt this venture, so the rental car company took the car back. ..waaaaaaaaaaa.

the hotel staff at the cocooning hotel & restaurant were sad that lenny wouldn't be able to drive around the island, so "tonwan" (barmaid/hostess/reception, pictured below) said that i should take her boss' car for a cruise. ..huh?

................................................from left to right (lat, lenny, tonwan)

you know... "hey, lenny, take the loaner." (uh, oh)

against my better judgment (sorry, jean and judy), i accepted the offer. ..please don't report this to USAA. ..i'll never do it again... promise!

anyway... picture this: you are driving on tiny, dirt-concrete roads. ...insane drivers (cars, trucks, and scooters) are coming toward you and passing you from behind. ...left is right and right is wrong. ...cows are in the street. ...some vehicles would have to be categorized as "scooters-plus" (the base is a scooter, but a contraption has been built on the top... in order to add an extra wheel... in order to carry lots of stuff (including a family of 16).

there's more: the signs not only aren't in english, they aren't even in the same alphabet! ...not only that, but the letters look like a bunch of squiggly lines!

below are some of the sights:

soleil bungalow resort


chewang beach (below). ..this is the tourist beach on the island. ..the night-life is supposed to pretty outrageous.

chewang beach

lookout point (below), looking back on chewang beach

"lamai" (for serenity, on the south-east of samui) is pictured below.

how can you not have lunch in a city named "thong krut" (lunch $3.53 u.s.). ...the boat (pictured below) acted as the view from the restaurant. ...it did not appear to be available for hire.

upon returning to the cocooning hotel (and in need of a thai massage) it was time for a "singha" (beer) -- just to settle the nerves.


  1. My Brother Lenny.....

    What is Happenin!!!!!

    OK So you would be an absolute IDIOT to ever come back from there.. No words begin to describe the scenery.... Jealous....
    Miss ya bro, and I'll keep the Ladies Stateside Happy....

  2. Dustin-man!
    Are you working O.T.????
    Remember to keep up the oddball Fridays while I'm away.
    The diving trips had many, many, many inspirations for your artwork.
    Tell Dan I said "HI", and let him know that his future wife lives in Chewang on Samui.
    Thanks for keeping in touch, bro,