Tuesday, September 30, 2008


the picture (left), shows a school of fish being influenced by a barracuda (you prabably can't see the barracuda in the picture, but you can tell where he is.
if you jump into the water with a "bread ball," you can also attract a school of fish.
donna, you remember how you introduced me to that in hawaii (back in 1981).


  1. Hi Lenny
    All I can say is "I WISH I WERE YOU!!!" I can see that you are having a fantastic time. I can't wait to see what's next on your journey.
    Love Ya

  2. Fedder, baby!

    How's life at SPCC?

    Tell everyone that I said "Hi,"and tell Dan and Dustin that I've met their future wives. I haven't met mine, but some things take time...

    I hope you are well, and hope that you aren't teaching 10 classes this semester.

    Do you want anything from the far east?


  3. Hi Lenny
    I am great and SPCC is "what it is":-). I am teaching 6 classes this semester but I have some good students which makes it not so bad.
    What do I want from the far east? Surprise me :-)

    Take care, my friend