Monday, March 10, 2008

st. thomas & st. john, u.s. virgin islands

my sister (donna) and her husband (tom) invited the family down to st. thomas (usvi) to enjoy a "timeshare experience of a lifetime" in early march, 2008.

james (donna's son) made the trip, along with albert and josephine.

this picture (left) was taken on my excursion to st. john.

the snorkeling visibility was probably 100 ft.


these pictures provide you with a little glimpse of the beauty and serenity...

the picture (below) was taken from the timeshare balcony on st. thomas.

if you want more of a sense for what it felt like down there,
  1. click on this link (, then
  2. click on "poem of the day," then
  3. click on "march," then
  4. click on the following poems:
  • 03 march... maho bay
  • 08 march... blue
  • 10 march... rhymers
  • 27 march... iguana wanna beer
  • 28 march... rumbaba

above: view from the outdoor yoga studio at the maho bay eco-camp.

below: albert and josephine, sailing on the rumbaba...

below, an iguana decides to drop in for a chat (actually, he may have had his eye on a cold, refreshing, adult beverage).

below (clockwise from the left), donna, dad, mom, james and tom get ready for a beach-side brunch. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

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