Sunday, July 16, 2017

science v. pseudo

science begins with a speculation, and then conducts experiments to prove the speculation wrong (using the null hypothesis).  at it's outset, science questions it's own speculations.

pseudo science begins with a belief, and then uses any and/or all possible input (data, argument, thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc.) to prove that the belief is true.  absent truth, pseudo science will "explain" the mysteries away by using more pseudo science, thereby reinforcing its own, questionable (yet unquestioned) belief.

Friday, July 14, 2017

terminally ill

terminally ill [1]
by steven ick

terminally ill
nothing you can do
not a lot of days (or ways or praise) for me and you
not a long-term chance when short-term profit pays the bill
nothing you can do (it’s true), when
terminally ill

  • planet earth is being ravaged by short-term, ego-maniac-tic forces that crave short-term gratification and short-term thrill.
  • maybe it is just an outcropping of self-centeredness, striving for survival and thrival.
  • maybe it is just us, communally acting in separation.
  • like a sports-team fan-base acting together (in the communal defeat of a rival), humanity – or, at least, the most powerful aspects of humanity – has chosen short-term victory over long-term symbiosis.
  • like a cancer, short term thrival results in terminal illness.

[1] martino, j. (7.13-2.17). terminally ill.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

what if humanity is addicted to stimulation?

what if humanity is addicted to stimulation?

  • would we not seek to eat/drink/play more?
  • would we not desire "foods" that stimulate?
  • would we not desire (or [at least] watch) politicians, who stimulate?
  • might we make choices -- in alignment with stimulation, as opposed to well-being?
what if humanity was addicted to stimulation?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

i'd like to die in corpse pose

i’d like to die in corpse pose [1] 
by a. corpse  

i’d like to die in corpse pose (if in prayer pose, i’d pray)
i’d like to die in corpse pose, yes: just breathe and fade away
i’d like to die in corpse pose, yes: give death her final Kiss

i’d like to wake in Union, Now: atOne with All that Is

…because atoning is AtOne-ing, and it would probably be fun. 

the fantasy is to:
  1. facilitate a great yoga class, then
  2. conclude with a deep meditation, in corpse pose, and then
  3. to fade away... with students (eventually) wondering if their facilitator had fallen asleep during his own Savasana.
(note to self: post a DNR sign, prior to Joining-in on their meditation)


[1] martino, j. (7.13-1.17). i’d like to die in corpse pose.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by

Sunday, May 21, 2017

better hindsight, foresight: insight

hindsight -- proves that we needed better insight and foresight:

BEtteR hiNdsIght, forEsight


r-Evolution  [i] 
by befo reou reyes 

there is a r-Evolution taking place on planet earth, and, as always, is happening right before our own eyes.

humanity is splitting into two variations of homo sapiens: (1) homo-ostriches and (2) homo-awarenoids.
  • homo-ostrich: a near-sighted, fearful, reactive human. easily swayed and fooled.  short attention span.  prone to cult behavior and worship.  dependent.
  • homo-awarenoid: a proactive, understanding, independent human.  has long-term vision.  a critical thinker.  doesn’t believe “blindly.”  contemplative.  resourceful.

the homo-ostrich (due to over-indulgence in sedentary, mindless practices and pharmaceutical influences) is losing the capacity to focus, to analyze, and to clearly differentiate between reality/truth and pure bullshit.

the homo-awarenoid tends to move (away from the tv, cell phone and computer screen).  s/he engages in mindful practices to fine-tune he/r awareness.  s/he has the capacity to logically link facts – in a way that results in critical thinking and rejection of bullshit theories.

it appears as if humans are at a critical point, whereas individuals have the capacity to evolve in either direction.  based upon genetics and experience, each will flow/evolve in his/her own way.

it doesn’t look good, here in 2017.  humans who spend more and more time with media are believing (more and more) in sound-bite lies.  lacking the capacity to think for themselves, they blindly follow the charismatic, elder-statesman [or clergy-man] who pretends to know the truth – but is, in fact a homo-ostrich.  like lemmings, his followers blindly bow (in worship).

…but there is hope.  a new generation of information savvy, free-thinkers are using the tools of media to become more (not less) aware.  they are engaging in mindfulness practices.   

they are challenging their bodyminds.  they don’t believe something (including this post) just because somebody says so.  they have the capacity to read, and they read from a wide variety of topics.  they have the capacity to focus, to pay attention, and (therefore) to learn.  they are less likely to turn to their cell phone for an immediate answer to a perplexing question.  they are the future…

…unless, of course, the homo-ostriches bury their heads in the sand, allowing big-power and big-money and big-influence to control, exploit, battle, and metastasize.

(in case you are wondering, i'm a bit of both, and, day-to-day,
i could flow toward r-Evolution or d-evolution.)

the gd news… is that we all have the capacity to r-Evolve into homo-awarenoids.

[i] martino, joal. (5.20-1.17). r-Evolution.  book 79: bright [k]night. © 2017 by