Tuesday, April 18, 2017


ahhhhhhh men  [i]
by a. maleman

they shoot most of the guns
they start most of the wars
they make most of the rules
they use most of the drawers

they boast and toast (build on the coast) they fight: attack/defend
they love, they shove, they gov, they pray to god above:

ahhhhhh, men

[i] martino, joal. (4.18-5.17). ahhhhhh, men.  book 78: dark days. © 2017 by wellnesseducation.us

Friday, April 14, 2017

dark days become sad nights

dark days become sad nights  [i]
by d. arkdays

let’s bomb another village
let’s ground another fleet
let’s turn (into a parking lot) what once was bread and meat
let’s win another battle with the evil we created
let’s show it on tv (so that our citizens: sedated)
let’s send a little message so the world knows we can fight
let’s dig our grave, the life you gave: dark days become sad nights
  • the air force just grounded almost a quarter of a fleet of mega-overpriced airplanes in order to save $$$$ get approval of even more money for defense offense contractors.

sam i am

sam i am  [i]
by a. brightlight

if i could be a child (again)
i’d be like sam i am
i’d run and play (to God i’d pray), to mom i’d say “yes ma’am”
i’d form a team (with josephine) and save the oceans (blue)
if i could be a child, i’d be like sam
i’d be like you

inspired by the birthday of sam martineau.

  • i’d be like you (it’s true)
  • i’d learn about sustainability.
  • i’d have a garden.
  • i’d watch (in wonder) as chickens hatched in my home.
  • i’d be surrounded by love.
  • i’d be influenced by harvard, and science, and a deep regard for planet earth.
  • i’d grow to love, respect, and be awed by: water.
  • i’d be the best friend of my sister, jo.
  • i’d learn about the fragile state of nations, but i wouldn’t focus on that:
i’d learn about the oceans and i’d read (the cat in the hat).
  • i’d be a bright light, even on the darkest of days.

[i] martino, joal. (4.14-1.17). sam i am.  book 78: dark days. © 2017 by wellnesseducation.us